Affordable MCU platforms

The Piksey series has been designed with learning in mind. Our platforms are suitable for beginners, hobby electronics, robotics and advanced machine learning systems.

Piksey - Pico

The world's smallest Arduino core. It contains the newer ATmega328PB microcontroller and packs more features than the Arduino Uno, into a tiny form factor.

Piksey Pico Size Comparison With Euro Coin
Piksey Nano 3D render

Piksey - Nano

The Piksey Nano is similar to the Arduino Nano but uses the newer ATmega328PB microcontroller, giving it 4 more I/Os, 2 more timers & twice as many communication interfaces.

Piksey - M0

The Piksey M0 is currently the brains behind our robotics platform. It has a feature-rich, 32-bit ARM core with a lot more I/O capabilities compared to the Pico & Nano.

Piksey M0 development board
Piksey M7 development board

Piksey - M7

The world's fastest, feature-rich, microcontroller platform designed to be the ultimate learning tool for hobbyists and professionals alike.

About Us - BnBe

Our engineers have spent the last decade working on all sorts of electronics - from single transistor, analog circuits to the latest and greatest in digital electronics. We've helped shape technology start-ups and have also helped fortune 500 companies save millions of dollars in recurring annual revenue by redesigning flagship products and optimizing embedded systems.

Our mission is to teach electronics and spread all this knowledge - for free! Piksey is our first product range dedicated to microcontrollers.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning electronics, then we're excited to let you know that we will be launching something amazing in January 2019. It is under wraps for now but you can follow us on social media to get notified and be part of it.

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